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Rapid Prototype Promotion

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Rapid Prototype Promotion

Continuing its close collaboration with Ultimaker, Sylatech has taken delivery of the latest Ultimaker 3 rapid prototyping machine. In celebration of this, up until 14th April, Sylatech is offering an opportunity for manufacturing businesses to have a sample pre-production part prototyped and cast through its investment casting process. The Sylatech process affords engineers:-

  • High quality surface details and finish
  • Design flexibility
  • Thin wall and lightweight parts
  • Complex detail on internal and external features
  • A process ideal for small or micro components

The Ultimaker 3 offers an unlimited number of geometry options thanks to its new dual extrusion system that allows the freedom to produce more complex outputs. This ability, matched with Sylatech’s highly capable lost wax casting process, provides the designer with an ideal one-stop prototyping platform affording fast delivery from engineering model to metal component.

For more information please visit- http://sylatech.com/rapid-prototype-promotion/


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