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Aluminium Castings

Welcome to our Aluminium Castings Introductory Page. Castech (UK) Ltd manufacture and supply Sand, Gravity Die and Pressure Die Castings.

We offer a single source solution to your Aluminium Castings requirements. From the very beginning our Technical staff provide assistance to ensure your components are suited to our manufacturing methods. Once you are happy for manufacture to commence we will supply your Aluminium Castings complete to drawing specification (offering a host of in-house and sub-contracted surface finishes).

We are here to help!

Aluminium CastingAluminium CastingAluminium CastingAluminium Casting
Aluminium CastingAluminium Casting

Sand Casting

  • Low cost permanent tooling & short lead times.
  • Non-ferrous metals. Aluminium and Copper Alloys available.
  • Perfect for low/medium batch quantities.
  • General tolerance of ± .4mm up to 250mm and ±.05mm per additional 25mm
  • As cast wall section down to 3mm.

Gravity Die Casting

  • Low cost unit price for medium/large quantities.
  • Higher casting rate than Sand Casting.
  • Produce the highest quality of casting requiring less finishing and polishing – also reduces the amount of machining required.
  • Castings have high tensile strength.
  • Minimum wall thickness of 3mm – 5mm.

Pressure Die Casting

  • Very low unit prices help justify expensive start up costs quickly.
  • Wall thickness as low as 2mm achievable.
  • Very high yield of over 90%.
  • High quality castings with a very fine grain surface – less finishing requirements (fettling and trimming costs reduced).
  • Porosity free castings are obtainable.

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