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Castech (UK) Ltd in collaboration with Sylatech Limited have announced the launch of a new product of a simple personal handheld device called KeepSafe. This enables users to avoid touching buttons, grabbing items or even touching handles. The KeepSafe can be used as a simple hooking, pushing or finger mechanism.

The KeepSafe is made in a copper based alloy. The tool is used to limit your contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. KeepSafe is used to help limit the spread of Covid-19. Its not a substitute for regular hand washing, its simply extra protection to help fight this invisible enemy. The copper content of KeepSafe is of 79% and it has antimicrobial properties known to kill germs and viruses.

A copper alloy has been used in the manufacture of the KeepSafe. When a virus lands on the copper, ions attack the pathogen preventing cell respiration. This destroys 99.0% of the DNA inside bacteria or viruses preventing any mutations. These copper properties will never wear off. The virus was completely undetectable on copper-based surfaces in only four hours.  This compared up to 72 hours for stainless steel or plastic surfaces. 

For more information on the KeepSafe product, please visit the website link: https://thekeepsafe.co.uk/. Alternatively please contact your Technical Sales Representative today at Castech (UK) Ltd:

E: [email protected] T: 01234 391973

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