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Casting Metal Parts for Prototyping From 3D Prints

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Casting Metal Parts for Prototyping From 3D Prints

Castech (UK) Ltd in collaboration with Sylatech Ltd Integrates 3D Printing to produce sample metal prototype parts for its customers. This allows them to test their design without having to invest in tooling ahead of the investment casting process.

Sylatech’s soluble investment casting plaster mould together with the Ultimaker 3D printer gives you complete rapid prototyping design freedom including:

  • Thin Walls
  • Complex detail
  • Zero draft angle
  • Short lead times

With Ultimaker 3D printers, we can create a 3D printed model of the customer’s design in a matter of days. These are then directly used to create a metal prototype. The 3D printed part made from PLA already gives an accurate prototype before a single metal part is created.

Please watch the video below to see the Ultimaker 3D printer in action at Sylatech:

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