Castech (UK) Ltd supply specialist Precision Aluminium Sand Castings, Precision Investment Castings, Precision Sheet Metal Work, Precision CNC Machined Components and Precision Polyurethane Mouldings. All of our specialist manufacturing is done in the UK. Our 26 year track record of success in the manufacture and supply of Precision Components is based on well established manufacturing proceedures combined with state of the art facilities for the manufacturing of tooling. We can accept design briefs via email, ideally in 3D solid model formulated IGES files backed up by 2D PDF/DXF files.

Typical Markets we supply:

- Medical/Laboratory
- Optical
- Communications
- Electronics
- Aerospace/Automotive
- Military and Defence
- And many more.

We are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 Certified.


Areas we Specialise in:

  • Precision Aluminium Casting - Combining over 40 years experience in this well-proven process with the latest advances in aluminium sand casting technology.
  • Precision Investment Castings - In high strength non-ferrous materials such as, Aluminium Alloys & Modern Copper Alloys, using unique non-ferrous investment casting technology which enables the rapid production of lightweight components with complex detail and superfine surfaces finishes. 
  • Precision Polyurethane Mouldings - Incorporating the newest developments in the Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM mouldings / polyurethane mouldings) process to produce high integrity parts using low cost, high quality tooling.
  • CNC Precision Machined Components - Cost effective solution from Prototype to Low/Medium Batch Quantity and Full Production manufacturing all supplied complete to drawing.
  • Precision Sheet Metal Works - offering specialist Sheet Metal Work solutions including punching, milling, turning, welding, folding and laser cutting.  


Sheet Metal Component
Precision Sheet Metal Work

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Precision Aluminium Castings
Precision Aluminium Castings

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Investment Casting Lever
Precision Investment Castings

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Precision Polyurethane Mouldings
Precision Polyurethane Mouldings

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CNC Machined Electronic Housing
Precision CNC Machining

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